The Germantown Hills District #69 recognizes that the school district is one of many institutions responsible for the development of children residing in the Germantown Hills community. The Board of Education, administration, and staff are committed to creating a learning environment which provides each child optimum opportunities to reach his or her full potential and facilitate the development of responsible citizens in a democratic society. The district strives to accomplish this by integrating a quality basic academic education, diverse co-curricular/extra-curricular activities, and life skills.

A quality basic academic education will strive not only to meet the mandated requirements of language arts, math, science, social studies, fine arts, health/physical education, special education and gifted education, but also to expand the curriculum content to challenge each child's potential. Diverse co-curricular/extra-curricular activities will provide all children the opportunity to experience and participate in fine arts, music, athletics and school-related special interest organizations. Life skills experiences will be provided to encourage the development of responsibility, good decision making, and respect for self and others. Traditional values, such as honesty, respect for authority, respect for education, respect for fact and evidence, and respect for the environment will be fostered. Individual family beliefs will be respected and no particular belief system will be expressly promoted.

The district recognizes that children learn in many different ways and that teachers need to try to accommodate individual learning differences and develop teaching strategies that assist all children in the learning process. Instruction is delivered in a manner that incorporates as many "real life" hands-on experiences as possible in a school environment. Curriculum objectives focus on the development of basic skills in all academic areas, the development of thinking and problem solving skills and the application of prior learned knowledge.

The curriculum focuses on the integration of academic skills in all subject areas. Thematic units of study are utilized in an effort to utilize academic skills in a variety of areas. These units of study focus on "real life" situations in a effort to make learning more meaningful to each student.

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Upon completion of grade 8, most students attend Metamora Township High School; a secondary school of approximately 1000 students in grades 9 - 12.   MTHS is located in Metamora, Illinois, approximately 5 miles east of Germantown Hills.


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