Some teachers have classroom websites to keep parents informed of assignments, upcoming events, and classroom activities. 
(Classrooms without websites are listed, but with no hyperlink).  Additionally, many teachers are now using "Google Classroom" to give and collect student assignments. 
(To use this, your student must be logged on to their Google Drive.)

Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade
KA- Mrs. Schaffer
KB- Mrs. Bennett
KC- Mrs. Stivers
KD- Mrs. Kauffman
1A- Mr. Meiss
1B- Miss Hargis

1C- Miss Adams
1D- Mrs. Theiler

2A- Mrs. Maddock
2B- Mrs. Sturgell
2C- Mrs. Shoff
2D- Mrs. Dexheimer
2E - Mrs. Tarter
Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
3A- Miss Schwarzentraub
3B- Mrs. Crawford
3C- Mr. Arnold
3D- Mrs. Hasty

4A- Mrs. Goins
4B- Miss Cross
4C- Mrs. Seckler
4D- Mrs. Whisker
5A- Mrs. Wilke
5B- Miss Elbert
5C- Mrs. Davis
5D- Mrs. Bevard
Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
6A- Miss Ingold
6B- Mrs. Anderson
6C- Miss West
6D- Mr. Miller
6E- Ms. Domico

7A- Mrs. Harrison
7B- Mr. Vaughan
7C- Mrs. Keys
7D- Ms. Ganson
7E- Mr. Laird
8A- Mrs. Babcock
8B- Mrs. Ballard
8C- Dr. McAllister
8D- Dr. Greer
8E - Mr. Wiles
"Specials" Individualized Instruction
K-5 Art-Mrs. Ward
K-4 General Music- Mrs. Loring
K-4 PE- Mr. Scott
K-8 Librarian- Mrs. Poole
4-8 Technology- Mrs. Wilmarth

5-8 Band-Mr. Loring
5-8 Chorus-Mrs. Anderson

5-8 PE- Mr. Matthews & Mr. Davis
Mrs. Heflin (K-4 Literacy Coach)
Mrs. Gabriel (K-4 Interventionist)
Mrs. Langan (K-4 Interventionist)
Mrs. O'Shea (K-4 Interventionist)
Mrs. Giesler- (K-4 Interventionist)

Mrs. Olsen (5-8)
Mrs. Light (5-8)
Mrs. Marks (5-8)
Mrs. VandeSchraaf (5-8)