September 23, 2021


Dear Germantown Hills School District #69 Parents and Guardians:


The Germantown Hills School District administration and staff have been working hard to do everything we can to keep our students in school during the pandemic.  We are very close to being able to provide COVID-19 rapid antigen testing to our students in order to keep asymptomatic students identified as close contacts in school.


We recognize that one of the greatest hardships during the pandemic on both students and parents has been the necessity to exclude students identified as close contacts.  We hope to secure an allotment of BinaxNOW tests as early as next week that will allow us to test students on days 1, 3, 5 and 7 after exposure to a positive COVID-19 case and keep those students in school if they test negative. 


We will only test students who were identified as close contacts to a positive case at school or a related school activity.  We will not be testing students who are identified as a close contact to a positive case outside of school.


The BinaxNOW test utilizes a nasal swab (nurse would swirl the swab around the inside of the nostril – NOT the type that goes up into the sinus cavity).  The result of the BinaxNOW test is available in approximately 15 minutes. 


At this time, we do NOT intend to utilize BinaxNOW testing for students exhibiting one or more COVD-like symptoms.  If a student is symptomatic, he/she will need to stay home or will be sent home until a negative test or alternative diagnosis is secured.


In order for us to administer the BinaxNOW test, we need parental consent.  If you are willing to give consent for us to test your child, please click on the link below to access the electronic consent form.  You will need to complete a consent form for EACH child who attends Germantown Hills School District:




Additional information will be forthcoming once we have secured the BinaxNOW tests.  If you have any questions regarding this communication or the consent form, please do not hesitate contacting me at or 309-383-2121 option 4.




Dan Mair, Superintendent

Germantown Hills School District #69