Dear Germantown Hills School District Family and Friends,

The holidays are a special time for us to celebrate the season with the good news of hope, love and joy.  While enjoying this holiday season, it is my wish that the students, staff, parents and community members of Germantown Hills School District 69 receive and return the blessings that make these days truly special.  It is also during this time that I am reminded of my own good fortune to serve as the superintendent of this great district.  We are privileged to have students who are motivated and enthusiastic as well as teachers and staff who are experts in their profession and who have a well-earned reputation of being caring and empathetic.


At the regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting on Monday, December 10th, the Board will be voting to approve the 2018 Property Tax levy.  It was my pleasure to give the levy presentation last month that will reflect the lowest aggregate (total amount levied) levy in nominal dollars since tax year 2013.  If adjusted for inflation, this will be the lowest aggregate levy since 2005.  Based on Woodford County’s estimated Equalized Assed Value (the value of all taxable property) for our school district, the 2018 Property Tax Levy will also result in the lowest tax rate since at least 2006.  This will all be reflected in 2019 property taxes.


What does this mean in real dollars to a property owner?  In 2019, the tax bill for Germantown Hills School District on a home with a fair market value of $200,000 will be about $200 less than it was in 2016.  The ability to lower the aggregate levy thus lowering the tax rate is due largely to the District abating revenue received from the Woodford County School Facilities Sales Tax.  This year, the District will be abating $160,000 off of the Bond & Interest levy.  Next year, we anticipate being able to abate about $225,000.  The Board of Education is thrilled to be able to provide some property tax relief with this revenue!


Each fall when the Illinois Report Card is released, I compare how our students performed on the previous year’s state assessments with the other forty school districts in Marshall, Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties.  The state assessment is given to all 3rd-8th graders in Math and English/Language Arts.  Last year, our 4th grade students ranked 1st in both ELA and Math, our 8th grade students ranked 1st in Math, our 6th grade students ranked 2nd in Math and our 7th grade students ranked 2nd in ELA.  Overall based on combined composite scores in Math and ELA, our students ranked 3rd in the region.  I am extremely proud of our staff and students.


In closing, as the new year approaches let us focus on renewal and continuing to raise expectations for more learning and personal success for all who are affiliated with our school district.  We will also keep in mind those of us we know and don’t know who will be spending the holidays under less fortunate circumstances.  It is my hope that you enjoy the time with much laughter, love and good health during the holiday season and throughout 2019!


Happy Holidays!


Dan Mair, Superintendent

Germantown Hills School District #69