Dear Germantown Hills School District Parents,

In October of 2017, the Germantown Hills School District Board of Education passed a resolution to have the County School Facility Sales Tax (CSFST) initiative put on the March 20, 2018 election ballot. The Germantown Hills School District Board as well as the Boards of Education at Metamora Grade, Metamora Township High, Riverview Grade, Lowpoint-Washburn, Congerville-Eureka-Goodfield, El Paso-Gridley, Roanoke-Benson and Fieldcrest school districts believe that this opportunity for revenue, that can only be used to improve and upgrade the district's facilities or to abate tax levies for existing debt, will reduce the burden on local property owners while providing a consistent source of revenue to be used to maintain our facilities. I have attached to this email a document that has a lot of good information about the CSFST and what it means for our District.

I am asking Germantown Hills parents to commit to two things concerning the County School Facility Sales Tax: 1) Become as knowledgeable as you can about the CSFST and 2) commit to vote on March 20th. 

I, along with the superintendents of Metamora Grade School District, Riverview Grade School and Metamora Township High School District, will be hosting a community forum to share information and answer questions and concerns regarding the CSFST.  The forum will be held in the JDS Gym on Thursday, March 8th at 6:30 pm.  Please feel free to invite community members that do not have students in the district.

You can find more information regarding the CSFST and how it would benefit the school district and property owners on our website. Please feel free to call me at 309-383-2121 option 4 if you have questions or would like to further discuss this initiative. You can also reach me by email

Thank you for supporting Germantown Hills School District #69!

Dan Mair, Superintendent