Dear Germantown Hills School District Family and Friends,

             The holidays are a special time for us to celebrate the season with the good news of hope, love and joy.  While enjoying this holiday season, it is my wish that the students, staff, parents and community members of Germantown Hills School District 69 receive and return the blessings that make these days truly special.  It is also during this time that I am reminded of my own good fortune to serve as the superintendent of Germantown Hills School District.  We are privileged to have students who are motivated and enthusiastic as well as teachers and staff who are experts in their profession and who have a well-earned reputation of being caring and empathetic.

Especially during the holiday season, our efforts and thoughts turn to giving.   The season affords all of us a great opportunity to reflect on our blessings and realize the true meaning of the season. The staff and students of District 69 are very busy at this time of the year with schoolwork, performances and events. Even with all of this, our students, both as individuals and as members of clubs, generously give of their time, talent and money to help ensure the holidays are enjoyed by all.  I am amazed and humbled at the abundance and wide variety of giving that takes place amongst our students.  It is truly a blessing to be a part of a school community so grounded in the spirit of the holidays.

As the new year approaches let us focus on renewal and raising expectations for more learning and personal success for all who are affiliated with our school district.  We will also keep in mind those of us we know and don’t know who will be spending the holidays under less fortunate circumstances.  It is my hope that you enjoy the time with much laughter, love and good health during the holiday season and throughout 2018!


Happy Holidays!


Dan Mair, Superintendent

Germantown Hills School District #69