whats for lunch


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  • Click HERE for the District #69 Food Safety Plan

  • Salad Bar is now an option for all 5th-8th grade students!  Salad bar = hot lunch.  Same price.

  • Call or email Kim Kiesewetter with questions about lunches, lunch charges, etc. (383-2121; ext 395 or kiesewetterk@ghills69.com)

Parents, please note:  Due to circumstances beyond our control (ie snow days) or changes to product availability, our cooks may occasionally need to make changes to the lunch menus.  Any date with a menu change will be noted in YELLOW.   If you routinely print the menus each month, you might want to check THIS PAGE from time to time to be sure you have the most up-to-date menus for the month.  Also, if you are trying to access ANY .pdf files (the newsletter, the lunch menus, etc) on your smartphone, you MUST have a PDF Viewer App installed.  Android users: go to Google Play and install either Google PDF Viewer or Adobe PDF Viewer.  iPhone users  search for a PDF Viewer App via iTunes. 

Reminder to all students...Be sure to tell the cooks that it's your birthday, and you'll get a surprise!  We will follow this schedule for birthdays:

  • Saturday birthday? Tell cooks the day before
  • Sunday birthday? Tell cooks on Monday
  • Summer birthday? Any day in May


Lunch Menus Lunch Prices
Aug Sep Oct Hot lunch price $2.50
Ala Carte Items
Nov Dec Jan
Feb Mar Apr
Notes from your Cafeteria Staff...
This year, all students will be required to select at least ONE fruit or vegetable with hot lunch.  All school lunches include a dairy product, vegetable, fruit, protein, and grain, and we follow the USDA nutritional guidelines for each and every meal served.  For more information about our nutrition guidelines, click on the link above.