Germantown Hills School District #69

110 Fandel Road, Germantown Hills, IL 61548


Dan Mair

Superintendent/Principal 3-5

Dr. Shelli Nafziger

Principal K-2

Dave Raffel

Principal 6-8



(All proofs must reference current address)


Germantown Hills School District 69 recognizes and accepts its responsibility to educate all age-appropriate children who are bona fide residents of the school district.� Children are considered residents of the school district when they reside with parents or legally appointed guardians who are residents of the school district.� Only children who are residents may attend the schools of District 69.


 You must have ONE of the following:


And also TWO of the following (with current name, address and date):


Items NOT accepted:  driver's license, checkbooks, rent receipt, insurance papers.



If the student does not reside with the birth mother or father, an Affidavit of Residence, Custody, Control and Responsibility must be completed, signed and notarized. Proof of custody must accompany this.




Legal Custody  The parent with whom the child lives and has custody must live in our district. Documentation must be presented to support this. The residence of a person who has legal custody of a student is deemed to be the residence of the student.




If the legal guardian does not own or lease the residence within the district (i.e. a single parent and student are living with grandparents), a letter must be written, signed and notarized by the property owner stating who is living in the home, and the length of time they are expected to stay. Two forms of residency must also be presented by the owner. An affidavit of Residence, Custody, Control and Responsibility must also be completed, signed and notarized.