District #69 Board of Education

Dear Germantown Hills School District Parents and Guardians,


At last Tuesday’s special meeting, the Board of Education by a vote of 5-2 set the date for the return to in-person learning for January 19, 2021.  The Board heard from teachers and parents on the impact of the timing to return to in-person learning.  Since the beginning of planning for this school year, the Board has realized that one solution does not fit every family’s needs. 


The Board unanimously believes that in-person learning is what is best for all students.  The Board also unanimously puts the safety and well-being of our staff and students as its top priority.   The original decision made by the Administration to switch to remote learning was due to the number COVID related absences for students and staff, which has caused significant staffing difficulties.  In addition, we had a strong suspicion that there were four instances of cases being epidemiologically linked at school, which means we were potentially spreading COVID amongst ourselves.  Concern about the steady rise in positivity rates in our region and the timing of the holiday breaks drove the vote to extend remote learning through January 15th.


This decision was incredibly difficult knowing the impact of not offering in-person learning on our students and their families.   This was weighed against the impact COVID may have on the safety of our staff, students and community over the next few weeks.  While the Board was not in full agreement on the date for returning to in-person learning, we are united in our desire to see our students return as soon as possible.




Jason Hunt, President

Board of Education

Germantown Hills School District #69