Welcome, Parents!  This is the place to get information about your 8th grader's fall fundraiser, graduation trip to Six Flags, graduation video, and more!  I'll post information & dates as they arise.  I will also send an email for important deadlines AND you can get the "Remind" app on your smartphone to get text reminders as well!  (Click HERE to get details about Remind.)  I've enjoyed your students the past 5 years, and look forward to a fun year this year!  Contact me at: wilmarth@ghills69.com


Upcoming Dates to Remember:
coaster March 16, 2018 Deadline for students who did NOT participate in the Fannie May fundraiser to PAY for their Six Flags trip.  Cost per student this year is $85.  Some students sold SOME, but didn't meet the minimum required in order to ensure a profit of $85, so will need to pay the difference.  Email Mrs. Wilmarth (wilmarth@ghills69.com) to inquire.
grad March 16, 2018 Deadline for photos to be submitted for the annual 8th Grade Graduation Video.  Click HERE for detailed information about this.  Your student heard all this in a meeting in February.
grad May 11, 2018 Six Flags Trip!  Details about the trip will be posted here on May 1.
grad May 17, 2018 GRADUATION!  Details coming soon...