February 14, 2018

Dear Parents;

  It’s hard to believe, but spring is quickly approaching, and that means your 8th grader will be graduating!  Official graduation information will be sent to you by the junior high office staff.  However, as 8th grade sponsor, it’s my job to make graduation EPIC, and I need your help!  To celebrate their graduation, we take our 8th graders on an annual field trip to Six Flags.  This year, graduation is May 17 and Six Flags will be May 14.  More specific information about the field trip will be posted online the week prior to the trip.

  If your student participated in the Fannie May fundraiser last fall, he/she is good to go for the Six Flags trip.  Some students opted to pay for the trip, and need to do that now.  (Our trip is to Six Flags in Eureka, MO on Peoria Charter buses, and includes a class t-shirt & lunch while at Six Flags)  Students who did not participate in the fundraiser need to bring a check for $85 made out to “Germantown Hills Middle School”.  If your child did not sell the minimum required (16 boxes), he/she must pay the balance of the cost of the trip. (Example: each box sold = $5 profit. If your child only sold 11 boxes, he/she raised $55 of the required $85, so would owe $30).  This check should be in an envelope clearly marked “8th Grade Class Trip” so it doesn't accidentally get put into your student's lunch account.  If you are not sure whether your child needs to pay, you may email wilmarth@ghills69.comAll payments must be turned in by Friday, March 16

   The other annual graduation celebration we look forward to is the “8th Grade Video” which is shown during the graduation ceremony. It’s a nice way to celebrate this milestone in your child’s life.  Please send the following items to school by March 16:

   All photos should be marked on the back with the student’s name so that they can be returned.  If you know how to use a scanner, or already have photos stored digitally, you are encouraged to send them as attachments to an e-mail (ONE photo per e-mail, please!), or on a DVD, CD, or on a USB drive.  Photos taken on cell phones must be of a high resolution or they cannot be used. The finished video will be available for purchase in DVD format.  An order form will be posted on the district website on May 1, and must be returned, with payment, in order to have a copy for you at graduation.

   I have enjoyed working with this group for the past six years!  It’s hard to believe how quickly those years have gone by.  Help me make your child’s graduation a memorable one by sending in the requested items by the above deadline dates. 

   Thank you,

   Jean Wilmarth, 8th Grade Sponsor