Professional Development Resource Page


ABCTeach! Great resource page for parents & teachers!

Ask ERIC - the internet search tool especially for educators!

Barnes and Noble BookSellers -browse the store online...order on the 'net.

Busy Teachers K-6 Resources - Great site for info on all teaching subjects. Register an e-mail address for automatic update notification.

Classroom Connect - plenty of resources and connections for integrating technology into your teaching...

CNN Homepage- current news and information...

EdHelper - create puzzles or games to make lesson reviews fun!  Lots of other resources as well.

Education World - new ideas weekly; archived files; fantastic educator's resource!

Free Stuff for Teachers! check this site out for free posters, worksheets, units, and more!

HomeworkSpot great site for parents, students, and teachers!

Hot Chalk Free Lesson Plans!Grouped by subjects, including technology & computers!
Illinois State Board of Education - stay on top of certification changes! Get the facts right from the source.
I-Safe - non-profit organization providing Internet Safety tools & resources that meet state standards
ISAT Resources - includes 2009 PowerPoint presentations concerning testing, etc. 

Kathy Schrock's Internet Sites for Educators

Microsoft for K12 Educators

NOVA - Public TV educational program. Programs may be videotaped for use in classrooms

newPBS LearningMedia - FREE! Collection of resources grouped by subject area

Scholastic- Instructor Magazine Online, Scholastic Book Service, and more...

The Teacher's Corner
newTeacher's Notebook - resources for teachers including Common Core lessons

TeachNet - updated weekly with new ideas for the classroom! Book report ideas, postcard unit, and holiday websites just for starters!

Teachers Helping Teachers - useful site for busy teachers by busy teachers!

newTeachers Pay Teachers - "Open marketplace for teachers"
Thinkfinity - educational partnership of several companies providing Internet & technology resources to educators.  All free - includes lesson plans, print-outs for students, and interactive websites. 

Two Rivers Professional Development Center

U.S.Department of Education

The Webquest Page  - created by the Educational Technology Department of San Diego State University, this site has hundreds of great webquests all ready for you to use, or to adapt for your class.