E-Mail is a convenient way to communicate with your child’s teacher, the building secretaries, or school administrators.  Please do NOT use e-mail to convey information about a change of plan for before or after school transportation or for special circumstances like doctor appointments, etc.  For your child’s safety, you should either send a note with your child or speak directly to one of the building secretaries when communicating anything of this nature. 

Please allow 24 hours for classroom teachers to reply to your e-mail.  Many teachers do not have time to check their e-mail until the end of the day.  If, for any reason, you are unsure that your e-mail has reached a specific individual, please contact them by phone (383-2121 for both buildings)


When calling the school, the main phone number is 309.383.2121, then:

  • To report an absence: Option 1

  • To speak to the Elementary Office:  Option 2

  • To speak to the Middle School Office:  Option 3

  • Superintendent Dan Mair:  Option 4

  • Business Secretary (Cindy Nosbisch): Option 5

  • Transportation (Denise Hough):  Option 6

  • Athletics (Betsy Cunningham):  Option 7


















apple Staff A-C E-Mail Address Position
apple Adams, Beth Teacher Aide, Elementary
apple Anderson, Jeanette 6th Grade English/Language Arts/Social Studies
apple Anderson, Rhonda Vocal Music, Middle School
apple Arnold, Dan 3rd Grade
apple Aurit, Tammy 4th Grade
apple Babcock, Marcy 8th Grade English/Language Arts/Social Studies
apple Bachman, Fay Cafeteria
apple Ballard, Trish 8th Grade English/Language Arts/ Social Studies
apple Bevard, Dustin 7th Grade English/Language Arts/Social Studies
apple Bevard, Heather 5th Grade
apple Bidne, Sarah Speech/Language Pathologist
apple Bitner, Denise Playground Supervisor/K-4 Office Assistant/Concession Coordinator
apple Blough, Sally Library, K-5
apple Boone, Vicki Individualized Instruction; Elementary
apple Braskich, Maureen Secretary to the Superintendent
apple Canopy, Laure Teacher Aide; Elementary
apple Crawford, Jennifer 3rd Grade
apple Cunningham, Betsy Physical Education
apple Cupples, Doug Buildings/Bus/Grounds Maintenance
apple Staff D-G E-Mail Address Position
apple Davis, Lindsey 5th Grade
apple Davis, Ryan Physical Education
apple Dexheimer, Karen 2nd Grade
apple Dexheimer, Mike District Technology Administrator
apple Diggle, Susan 5th Grade
apple DuBois, Michelle  Individualized Instruction;  Elementary
apple Elbert, Gail 5th Grade
apple Fischer, Angie Office; k-4 Elementary
apple Franklin, Lindsey Guidance, K-4 Elementary
apple Gabriel, Valerie 1st Grade
apple Ganson, Christy 7th Grade Science
apple Geiler, Laura Speech/Language Pathologist
apple Goins, Jill 4th Grade
apple Greer, Renee 8th Grade Science
apple Staff H-K E-Mail Address Position
apple Hartley, Alysha Individualized Instruction, Elementary
apple Hasty, Tina 3rd Grade
apple Heflin, Jodi Literacy Coach, Elementary
apple Hensley, Stephanie Guidance, 5-8
apple Herrick, Rob Maintenance/Bus Barn
apple Hough, Denise Textbook/Supply Purchaser; Transportation Director
apple Kauffman, Kelly Kindergarten
apple Keys, Kari 7th Grade Math
apple Kiesewetter, Kim Food Services Director
apple King, Megan WCSEA Functional Educational Classroom 1 & 2
apple Staff L-N E-Mail Address Position
apple Laird, Andy Science, 6th Grade
apple Lalumandier, Laura Teacher Aide, 5-8
apple Light, Sarah Individualize Instruction, 8th Grade
apple Loring, Angela Vocal Music, Elementary
apple Loring, Eric Instrumental Music, 5-8
apple Maddock, Becky 2nd Grade
apple Mair, Dan Superintendent
apple Marks, Janet Individualized Instruction, 6th Grade
apple Matthews, Rob Physical Education
apple McAllister, Stefanie Math, 8th Grade
apple Meiss, Zach 1st Grade
apple Melody, Carissa WCSEA Functional Educational Classroom 1 & 2
apple Miller, Jeremy  Teacher Aide, 5-8
apple Miller, Therese Kindergarten
apple Nafziger, Shelli Principal, K-4
apple Nosbisch, Cindy Business Secretary
apple Staff O-S E-Mail Address Position
apple O'Shea, Heidi Individualized Instruction, K-4
apple Osterman, Suzie 1st Grade 
apple Phillips, Shari Teacher Aide
apple Poole, Rachel Librarian, K-8
apple Riggert, Sandi Cafeteria
apple Russell, Deb Office, Middle School
apple Schaffer, Robin Kindergarten
apple Schroeder, Jennifer Teacher Aide / K-2 Computer Education
apple Schwartzentraub, Jacqueline 3rd Grade
apple Scott, Jonas Physical Education
apple Silverthorn, Sherry Office, Middle School
apple Stivers, Mindy Kindergarten
apple Stucko, Margit Teacher Aide
apple Sturgell, Bethany 2nd Grade
apple Staff T-Z E-Mail Addres Position
apple Theiler, Angie 1st Grade
apple Kasey VandeSchraaf Individualized Instruction, 7th Grade
apple Vaughan, Patrick 7th Grade English/Language Arts/Social Studies
apple Vaughn, Hillary  Guidance, K-4
apple VerKuilen, Libby Teacher Aide / K-2 Computer Education
apple Ward, Amy Art Instruction, K-4
apple Weekley, Megan 6th Grade Grade English/Language Arts/Social Studies
apple Whisker, Joy 4th Grade
apple Wiles, Dave 4th Grade
apple Williams, Kate  Principal, 5-8
apple Wilmarth, Jean Technology Education / Webmaster