E-Mail is a convenient way to communicate with your child’s teacher, the building secretaries, or school administrators.  Please do NOT use e-mail to convey information about a change of plan for before or after school transportation or for special circumstances like doctor appointments, etc.  For your child’s safety, you should either send a note with your child or speak directly to one of the building secretaries when communicating anything of this nature. 

Please allow 24 hours for classroom teachers to reply to your e-mail.  Many teachers do not have time to check their e-mail until the end of the day.  If, for any reason, you are unsure that your e-mail has reached a specific individual, please contact them by phone (383-2121 for both buildings)


When calling the school, the main phone number is 309.383.2121, then:

  • To report an absence: Option 1

  • To speak to the Elementary Office:  Option 2

  • To speak to the Middle School Office:  Option 3

  • Superintendent Dan Mair:  Option 4

  • Business Secretary (Stacy Tellor): Option 5

  • Transportation (Angela Angle):  Option 6

  • School Nurse (Mrs. Price):  Option 7


















apple Staff A-C E-Mail Address Position
apple Adams, Beth adamsb@ghills69.com Teacher Aide, K-4
apple Adams, Melissa melissaadams@ghills69.com 1st Grade
apple Albrecht, Kelly albrechtk@ghills69.com School Counselor, K-4
apple Anderson, Jeanette andersonj@ghills69.com 6th Grade Language Arts
apple Anderson, Rhonda anderson@ghills69.com Vocal Music, 5-8
apple Angle, Angela anglea@ghills69.com Transportation Director/Purchasing Coordinator
apple Arnold, Dan arnoldd@ghills69.com 3rd Grade
apple Aydt, Seth aydts@ghills69.com Teacher Aide, K-4
apple Babcock, Marcy babcockm@ghills69.com 8th Grade English/Language Arts
apple Bachman, Fay bachmanf@ghills69.com Cafeteria
apple Ballard, Trish ballardt@ghills69.com 8th Grade English/Language Arts
apple Bennett, Samantha bennetts@ghills69.com Kindergarten
apple Bevard, Heather bevardh@ghills69.com 5th Grade
apple Bitner, Denise bitnerd@ghills69.com Playground Supervisor/K-4 Office Assistant/Concessions
apple Blough, Sally sblough@ghills69.com Instructional Aide, 5-8
apple Braskich, Maureen braskich@ghills69.com Secretary to the Superintendent
apple Bucy, Erica bucye@ghills69.com Teacher Aide/K-3 Computer Education
apple Canopy, Laure canopyl@ghills69.com Instructional Aide; 5-8
apple Crawford, Jennifer crawford@ghills69.com 3rd Grade
apple Cross, Brianna crossb@ghills69.com 4th Grade
apple Cupples, Doug cupplesd@ghills69.com Buildings/Grounds Maintenance
apple Staff D-G E-Mail Address Position
apple Davis, Lindsey davisl@ghills69.com 5th Grade
apple Davis, Ryan davisr@ghills69.com Physical Education
apple Dexheimer, Karen kdex@ghills69.com 2nd Grade
apple Dexheimer, Mike mdex5@ghills69.com District Technology Administrator
apple Domico, Melissa domicom@ghills69.com 6th Grade English
apple Elbert, Gail elbertg@ghills69.com 5th Grade
apple Fischer, Angie fischera@ghills69.com Office; K-4 Elementary
apple Gabriel, Valerie gabrielv@ghills69.com K-4 Interventionist
apple Ganson, Christy gansonc@ghills69.com 7th Grade Science
apple Geiler, Laura geilerl@ghills69.com Speech/Language Pathologist
apple Giesler, Gretchen gieslerg@ghills69.com Individualized Instruction; Elementary
apple Goins, Jill goinsj@ghills69.com 4th Grade
apple Greer, Renee greerr@ghills69.com 8th Grade Science
apple Staff H-K E-Mail Address Position
apple Hargis, Megan hargism@ghills69.com 1st Grade
apple Harrison, Michelle harrisonm@ghills69.com 7th Grade English/Language Arts
apple Hasty, Tina hastyt@ghills69.com 3rd Grade
apple Heflin, Jodi heflinj@ghills69.com Literacy Coach, K-4
apple Hensley, Stephanie hensleys@ghills69.com Guidance, 5-8
apple Herrick, Rob herrick@mtco.com Bus Mechanic
apple Higgins, Diane higginsd@ghills69.com Teacher Aide; Elementary
apple Kauffman, Kelly kauffmank@ghills69.com Kindergarten
apple Keys, Kari keysk@ghills69.com Math, 7th Grade
apple Ingold, Rhiannon ingoldr@ghills69.com 6th Grade Science
apple King, Megan kingm@ghills69.com WCSEA Functional Educational Classroom 1 & 2
apple Staff L-N E-Mail Address Position
apple Laird, Andy lairda@ghills69.com 7th Grade Social Studies
apple Lalumandier, Laura lalumandierl@ghills69.com Teacher Aide, 5-8
apple Langan, Laura langanl@ghills69.com Individualized Instruction, K-4
apple Light, Sarah lights@ghills69.com Individualize Instruction, 7-8
apple Loring, Angela loringa@ghills69.com Vocal Music, K-4
apple Loring, Eric loringe@ghills69.com Instrumental Music, 5-8
apple Maddock, Becky maddockb@ghills69.com 2nd Grade
apple Mair, Dan dmair@ghills69.com Superintendent
apple Marcille, Cynthia marcillec@ghills69.com Teacher Aide, K-4
apple Matarelli, Danielle matarellid@ghills69.com Teacher Aide, K-4
apple Matthews, Rob matthewsr@ghills69.com Physical Education, 5-8
apple McAllister, Stefanie mcallisters@ghills69.com Math, 8th Grade
apple Meiss, Zach meissz@ghills69.com 1st Grade
apple Miller, Jeremy millerj@ghills69.com 6th Grade Social Studies
apple Nafziger, Shelli nafziger@ghills69.com Principal, K-4
apple Neitzel, Lauren lnietzel@wcsea.us School Social Worker
apple Staff O-S E-Mail Address Position
apple Olsen, Theresa olsent@ghills69.com Individualized Instruction, 5-8
apple O'Shea, Heidi osheah@ghills69.com Individualized Instruction, K-4
apple Penney, Tammie penneyt@ghills69.com Asst. Food Service Director
apple Peters, Hayla petersh@ghills69.com Teacher Aide, K-4
apple Phillips, Shari phillipss@ghills69.com Teacher Aide
apple Poole, Rachel rpoole@ghills69.com Librarian, K-8
apple Price, Christy pricec@ghills69.com School Nurse
apple Russell, Deb russelld@ghills69.com Office, Middle School
apple Sanders, Stephanie sanderss@ghills69.com Instructional Aide; Elementary
apple Schaffer, Robin schafferr@ghills69.com Kindergarten
apple Schroeder, Jennifer schroedr@ghills69.com Teacher Aide / K-3 Computer Education
apple Schwarzentraub, Jacqueline schwarzentraubj@ghills69.com 3rd Grade
apple Scott, Jonas scottj@ghills69.com Physical Education
apple Seckler, Kristy secklerk@ghills69.com 4th Grade
apple Silverthorn, Sherry silverthorns@ghills69.com Office, Middle School
apple Shoff, Erica shoffe@ghills69.com 2nd Grade
apple Stivers, Mindy stiversm@ghills69.com Kindergarten
apple Sturgell, Bethany sturgellb@ghills69.com 2nd Grade
apple Staff T-Z E-Mail Addres Position
apple Tarter, Lisa tarterl@ghills69.com 2nd Grade
apple Tellor, Stacy tellors@ghills69.com District Bookkeeper
apple Theiler, Angie theilera@ghills69.com 1st Grade
apple Kasey VandeSchraaf vandeschraafk@ghills69.com Individualized Instruction, 5-8
apple Vaughan, Patrick vaughanp@ghills69.com 7th Grade English/Language Arts/Social Studies
apple Waldschmidt, Laura waldschmidtl@ghills69.com Teacher Aide, K-4
apple Ward, Amy warda@ghills69.com Art Instruction, K-4
apple West, Victoria westv@ghills69.com Math, 6th Grade
apple Whisker, Joy whiskerj@ghills69.com 4th Grade
apple Wiles, Dave wilesd@ghills69.com 8th Grade Social Studies
apple Wilke, Jennifer wilkej@ghills69.com 5th Grade
apple Williams, Kate kwilliams@ghills69.com  Principal, 5-8
apple Wilmarth, Jean wilmarth@ghills69.com  Webmaster