It's Beginning to

Look a Lot

Like Christmas!



Have fun visiting these Internet sites about the Holiday Season! Be sure to complete your information sheet as you go. Follow the numbered list on your paper.

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 Holiday Sounds and Pics:

  Play “Name that Tune!”



Holiday Traditions around the World:

stocking Holiday Traditions in Other Countries

Read “The Night Before Christmas” online

Find out where the symbols of Christmas come from! 

Find out about Chanukah traditions!

Take the Christmas trivia test How much do you really know?

Take the Chanukah trivia test.  How much do you really know?



Holiday Humor:

 What’s the difference between our alphabet and Santa’s?  Find the answer to that riddle and many more here!


  Disco Santa!


 Holiday "Fun to Do":

Build your own virtual snowman!

 Play Reindeer Games!

Play Chanukah Games!

Santa’s hidden word puzzle

 Play Christmas Checkers

The Truth About Santa!


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